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Last summer, I took my very first internship at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va., through a copy editing program called the Dow Jones News Fund. Not only was it my very first internship, but it was also my very first time living outside of Ohio without anyone I knew close by in a city unknown to me (at the time).

I ended up becoming best friends with my roommate, Bethany, because we shared just about everything in common. (Not an exaggeration; it was actually quite creepy how similar we were.) One of the things that we bonded over most, though, was food. We both loved cooking and baking, and we are both into being as sustainable and healthy as possible with our meals.

When we didn’t want to cook, we’d usually go out to one of the city’s many (fantastic) little eateries. It was by doing this that Bethany helped me discover Pho 79, a Vietnamese restaurant situated on 21st Street in Norfolk. I’ve always been weary of Vietnamese for reasons unbeknownst to me, but those days are long gone. Why?

Because this restaurant helped me develop my love affair with pho.

And to this day, Pho 79’s vegan pho goes unmatched. I’ve looked for places in Ohio that serve anything close to what I’ve had in Virginia; but, alas, they’re seemingly nonexistent.

So, I’ve tried to recreate it. (And here’s the recipe I use!)

Vegan Pho (recipe adapted from Girl Makes Food)

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• 8 cups Vegetable Broth
• 1-inch piece Ginger, peeled
• 1 Cinnamon Stick
• 7 oz. Rice Noodles (or half a package)
• 2 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
 2 Tbsp. Toasted Sesame Oil
• 3 ribs Bok Choy, sliced
• 1 small or medium White Onion, sliced
• 1 package Bean Sprouts
• 1 package Oyster Mushrooms
• Juice of 1/2 Lime
• 1 Chili Pepper, sliced (optional)
• 1 cup Green Onion, to garnish
• Handful of Cilantro and Basil, to garnish
• Sambal Oeleck, for taste (optional)
1. In a large pot, add the broth, ginger, cinnamon stick, soy sauce and toasted sesame oil
2. Bring the broth to a boil
3. Add the rice noodles, cook for 10 minutes
4. Add onion and bok choy, boil for 4 more minutes
5. Add mushrooms, lime juice, chilies (if using)
6. Fish out the ginger and cinnamon stick
7. Garnish with bean sprouts, green onion, cilantro, basil and Sambal Oelek (if using)
8. Serve and enjoy!
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Bethany and I also made another extremely delicious pho recipe that we found on Buzzfeed, of all places. Check it out!